The Issue

On 18th September 2015, it was revealed that VW had dishonestly cheated the US emissions testing regime in respect of NOx emissions and it quickly became established that 1.2 million vehicles containing illegal “defeat devices” had been supplied to purchasers in the UK. Each of these vehicles, which ought  never to have been on UK roads, emits NOx pollution at levels far higher than that permitted by law.

This scandal has affected certain owners of diesel VWs, Audis, Skodas and Seats. Those affected, therefore purchased their vehicle under false pretences, believing that the emissions were far lower than they actually were. Not only does this mean that affected consumers were ‘misled’, but it also means that the second hand value of the affected vehicles could be less.

Consumers affected by this scandal are therefore entitled to compensation.


The Group litigation

In 2018, the High Court granted what is known as a ‘group litigation order’, effectively allowing affected consumers to bring an action together. However, the time to join this group has now passed.

If you think that you are affected, we can help. Complete the form below initially and we will assess if you are eligible for compensation.

VW Emissions Compensation Eligibility Form